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S.No Event Name Event Type Date Event Description
1 School Re-opens General 03-Apr-19 Working Day
2 English Calligraphy/ Poster Making Competition 05-Apr-19 CCA Competition
3 World Health Day General 07-Apr-19 Working Day
4 Cycle Test Assessment 08-Apr-19 Examination
5 English Poem Recitation/ Magazine cover Design Competition 12-Apr-19 CCA Competition
6 Tamil New year/ Dr. Ambedkar Birthday Holiday 14-Apr-19 Holiday
7 Mahaveer Jayanthi Holiday 17-Apr-19 Holiday
8 Good Friday Holiday 19-Apr-19 Holiday
9 Earth Day General 22-Apr-19 Working Day
10 Summer vacation begins Holiday 25-Apr-19 Holiday
11 May Day Holiday 01-May-19 Holiday
12 Buddha Purnima Holiday 18-May-19 Holiday
13 Id-Ul-Fitr / World Environment Day Holiday 05-Jun-19 Holiday
14 School Re - opens General 12-Jun-19 Working Day
15 Hindi Calligraphy / Newspaper Designing Competition 14-Jun-19 CCA Competition
16 National Reading Day General 19-Jun-19 Working Day
17 Hindi Poem Recitation / Domino Competition 21-Jun-19 CCA Competition
18 International Yoga Day General 21-Jun-19 Working Day
19 Parent Orientation VI- XII General 22-Jun-19 Orientation
20 Parent Orientation I - V General 29-Jun-19 Orientation
21 Cycle Test - XI Examination 01-Jul-19 Assessment
22 Best out of Waste / Sanskrit Sloka Recitation Competition 05-Jul-19 CCA Competition
23 Periodic Test I - XII Examination 08-Jul-19 Assessment
24 Solo Singing / Painting Competition 12-Jul-19 CCA Competition
25 Drawing and Colouring / Ship Wreck Competition 19-Jul-19 CCA Competition
26 Prize Distribution General 26-Jul-19 Working Day
27 Open Day General 27-Jul-19 Parent - Teacher Meeting
28 News Reading / Mehandi , T-Shirt Painting Competition 02-Aug-19 CCA Competition
29 Memory Game / Street Play Competition 09-Aug-19 CCA Competition
30 Bakrid Holiday 12-Aug-19 Holiday
31 Independence Day Holiday 15-Aug-19 Holiday
32 Janmashtami / Onam Celebration General 16-Aug-19 Working Day
33 Janmashtami Holiday 23-Aug-19 Holiday
34 Medical Inspection Week General 26-Aug-19 Medical Examination
35 Flower Carpet Competition 30-Aug-19 CCA Competition
36 Ganesh Chathurthi Holiday 02-Sep-19 Holiday
37 Half - Yearly Examination Examination 03-Sep-19 Assessment
38 Muharram Holiday 10-Sep-19 Holiday
39 Clay Modelling / Debate Competition 20-Sep-19 CCA Competition
40 International Day of Peace General 21-Sep-19 Working Day
41 Equinox General 23-Sep-19 Working Day
42 Science Exhibition Competition 27-Sep-19 CCA Competition
43 Open Day General 28-Sep-19 Parent - Teacher Meeting
44 Autumn Break Holiday 29-Sep-19 Holiday
45 Gandhi Jayanthi Holiday 02-Oct-19 Holiday
46 Saraswathi Pooja Holiday 07-Oct-19 Holiday
47 Vijayadasami Holiday 08-Oct-19 Holiday
48 School Re - opens General 09-Oct-19 Working Day
49 Paper craft Diorama Competition 11-Oct-19 CCA Competition
50 Global Hand Washing Day General 16-Oct-19 Working Day
51 Diya Decoration / Spell Bee Competition 18-Oct-19 CCA Competition
52 Diwali Celebration General 25-Oct-19 Working Day
53 Diwali Holiday 26-Oct-19 Holiday
54 Diwali Holiday 27-Oct-19 Holiday
55 Rashtriya Ekta Diwas General 31-Oct-19 Working Day
56 Poster Making / Best out of waste Competition 01-Nov-19 CCA Competition
57 Book Mark Making/ News Reading Competition 08-Nov-19 CCA Competition
58 Milad - Un - Nabi / World Science Day Holiday 10-Nov-19 Holiday
59 Revision Exam - XII / National Education Day Examination 11-Nov-19 Assessment
60 Guru Nanak Jayanthi Holiday 12-Nov-19 Holiday
61 Prize Distribution General 15-Nov-19 Working Day
62 Class Decoration / Hindi Poem Recitation Competition 22-Nov-19 CCA Competition
63 Open Day General 23-Nov-19 Parent - Teacher Meeting
64 Group Singing / Cook without Fire Competition 29-Nov-19 CCA Competition
65 Open House - Class X and XII General 30-Nov-19 Parent Teacher Meeting
66 Card Making / Quiz Competition 06-Dec-19 CCA Competition
67 Periodic Test Examination 09-Dec-19 Assessment
68 Chistmas Celebration General 20-Dec-19 Working Day
69 Winter Break Holiday 22-Dec-19 Holiday
70 Chistmas Holiday 25-Dec-19 Holiday
71 New Year Day Holiday 01-Jan-20 Holiday
72 School Re - opens / Revision Exam - Class X General 02-Jan-20 Working Day
73 Paper Bag Making / English Recitation Competition 03-Jan-20 CCA Competition
74 Open Day General 04-Jan-20 Parent - Teacher Meeting
75 Pongal Celebration General 10-Jan-20 Working Day
76 Pongal / Army Day Holiday 15-Jan-20 Holiday
77 Pongal Holiday 16-Jan-19 Holiday
78 Salad Making / Turn Coats Competition 17-Jan-20 CCA Competition
79 Just A Minute / Collage Competition 24-Jan-20 CCA Competition
80 Republic Day Holiday 26-Jan-20 Holiday
81 Prize Distribution General 31-Jan-20 Working Day
82 Revision Exam - IX / Annual Exam - XI Examination 01-Feb-20 Assessment
83 Open Day General 01-Feb-20 Parent - Teacher Meeting
84 Maha Shivaratri Holiday 21-Feb-20 Holiday
85 National Science Day General 28-Feb-20 Working Day
86 Annual Examinationa Examination 02-Mar-20 Assessment
87 Holi Holiday 10-Mar-20 Holiday
88 Equinox General 20-Mar-20 Working Day
89 Open Day General 26-Mar-20 Parent - Teacher Meeting